YOWPSUD Holds Follow-Up Meeting for Jumuika Imarisha Program Beneficiaries
05/31/2024 17:26 in News

By Cate Mukami

On May 30, 2024, Youth and Women for Peace and Sustainable Development (YOWPSUD) held a follow-up meeting at Prideinn in Diani for beneficiaries of their Jumuika Imarisha program. This gathering marked the program's second phase, which focuses on equipping youth and women with sustainable skills and knowledge to start and run various businesses for self-sufficiency.

The Jumuika Imarisha program also provides training on approaching the government and other organizations for grants and funding. The meeting aimed to celebrate the success stories of YOWPSUD beneficiaries and learn how they have utilized the skills gained from the program to sustain themselves and support others in their communities.

"Unity is everything," one of the program's mentees emphasized, encouraging peers to work together to succeed. 

Sakina, a beneficiary from Ukunda, shared her experience: "Before this training, I was not informed. Through the knowledge I have gained, I have been able to help other women register their organizations. I have also registered my own business, my logo is ready, and soon I will open my business."

The organization also acknowledged two beneficiaries who secured tenders, including one from the county government for garbage collection.

Ahmedsiyad, the chairperson of YOWPSUD, urged beneficiaries to seek guidance or help whenever needed. "Send me even a text in the middle of the night, and I will try my best to link you to the relevant people to help you," he told the attendees.

The meeting highlighted the importance of unity, support, and continued learning in achieving sustainable development and empowerment for youth and women.

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