About the Blue Security Africa Podcast

Why the podcast?

Contributing to the democratisation of maritime knowledge and Maritime Security.

Maritime Security and Safety is everyone’s business...  What happens at sea affects our lives on land!

Having long suffered from "sea-blindness", African countries and islands are increasingly aware of the potential offered by their maritime spaces and the challenges posed by maritime insecurity to the development of the Blue Economy. And yet,  despite the commitment of certain governments to explore and develop this domain, knowledge of the opportunities and challenges in the maritime sector remains limited to the general public. 

This paradigm shift must be inclusive and deserves to be supported and encouraged.

How it all started?

Since the end of World War 2, the world has been experiencing an era of safe seas. This would see the maritime sector thrive as the cheapest mode of transporting global trade. However, the era of safe seas is quickly waning as maritime threats steadily multiply. 

The ongoing Houthi attacks on merchant shipping in the southern Red Sea is one such threat, which is already reshaping the naval warfare domain. This is not to mention the immense disruptions to vulnerable communities, as global trade reroutes through  Southern Africa.

Early this year as the Red Sea attacks escalated, a section of Africa’s leading maritime communication specialists came together, inspired by the tremendous role that Africa could play in upholding maritime security in global waterways.

In addition, Africa has borne the brunt of maritime insecurity within its waters and has over the years created security architectures relevant to resolving the current threats. 

An African forum focused on sharing knowledge and experience

More than ever, the need for a communication channel became apparent. Such a medium would help to showcase African expertise and capacity in maritime security, feature the often under-represented voices of coastal communities and most importantly, shine a light on existing and potential synergies to make our waters safe.

We called the channel BLUE SECURITY AFRICA PODCAST and aired the first episode in February 2024. Remarkably, the podcast is an initiative of the African youth who have created livelihood from the continent’s massive Blue Economy. 

We hope the podcast could create content attractive to the African youth and possibly spawn a generation of ocean economy enthusiasts.

Our Objectives

· An African platform to analyze and discuss maritime security and related issues that may have a direct or indirect impact on African and Indian Ocean States.

· Contribute to a better understanding of the maritime domain and Blue Economy

· Broadening communication channels in the maritime sphere and beyond

· Wider coverage of the dissemination of information on maritime security and safety and blue economy opportunities.

· Inform, educate and raise awareness among a wider public on maritime issues (in less technical terms)

Meet the Team!

The podcast is a partnership between the Kenyan-based, youth-led online Blue Radio and maritime communication specialists: Pascaline Alexandre and Brian Gicheru.

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