Blue Radio is an innovative audiovisual radio station and a flagship product of Gilitics Media. Launched in September 2022 after a soft launch in June of the same year, Blue Radio stands as a pioneering force in the media landscape.


Mission and Vision:

Mission:To bridge the gap between the youth and opportunities within the blue economy, fostering awareness and preservation of marine ecosystems.


Vision: To be a leading platform dedicated to educating and inspiring the youth about the potential of the blue economy.


Distinctive Features:

Unique Blend: Blue Radio combines social media, a dedicated application, and a website to broadcast captivating content.


Specialized Platform: It offers a distinctive blend of radio and visual elements, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.


Youth Focus:Blue Radio is committed to empowering and educating the youth, emphasizing the significance of ocean conservation.


Impact Areas:

Education:Comprehensive and accessible knowledge-sharing on opportunities within the blue economy.


Advocacy: Championing issues around climate change, environmental conservation, and providing a platform for civil society organizations to share their programs.


Job Creation: Creating opportunities for young people and impacting the community positively.


Background and Ideation:

The idea for Blue Radio originated during a pitch session at Pwani Innovation 2022 in March, culminating in a soft launch in June and an official launch in September 2022. The construction of Dominiek studios marked a milestone in Blue Radio's journey.


Future Outlook:

Blue Radio envisions a future where it continues to grow as a formidable brand, reaching more audiences and creating meaningful connections between the youth and the vast opportunities within the blue economy.