Mombasa-Based Accredited Journalists Launch Mombasa Press Club
03/20/2024 22:56 in News

By Shirley Wandera

Accredited journalists in Mombasa officially launched the Mombasa Press Club at the City Blue Hotel in collaboration with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK). Journalists from various media outlets came together to inaugurate this significant initiative in an event attended by the Mombasa County governor, Abdulswammad Sharif Nassir, and representatives from the Media Council of Kenya.

(From left) Chief Mentor Swahili Pot, Mr Mahmood Noor, Deputy Governor Mombasa County, Hon. Francis Thoya; Governor Mombasa County, Hon. Abdulswamad. Photo: Courtesy

The club, whose mission is to cultivate a supportive and thriving community among members of the fourth estate, stands on six foundational pillars - training and research development, fostering partnerships and collaborations, ensuring welfare, establishing a media hub, providing consultancy services, and offering an advisory council.

Furthermore, the club aims to address the economic challenges Journalists face and promote the monetization of content beyond traditional newsrooms.

Victor Bwire, Director for Media Training and Development at MCK, emphasized the importance of dignified and professional means of earning through individual content creation and sales. "You make money in a dignified and professional manner through working for your content and selling. Look at selling the item you are trying to do, which is news," he stated.

Mombasa County Governor, Hon.Abulswamad speaking at the Mombasa Press Club inaugural launch. Photo: Courtesy

During the launch event, Hon. Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir pledged his full support for the club, urging journalists to focus on positive community stories. "Even as you cover stories of interest, highlight the positivity within our county," he advised.

Deputy Governor Hon. Francis Thoya underscored the significance of the initiative in light of declining advertisement revenues, which threatens the financial stability of media houses and journalists' job security. "I'm pleased to hear about the media hub establishment alongside the press club. Many media houses are grappling with challenges due to the decline in advertisement revenue. As these revenues dwindle, media houses face significant income reductions, jeopardizing job security for journalists," Hon. Francis Thoya remarked.

Deputy Governor, Hon. Francis Thoya addressing Mombasa Press Club journalists. Photo: Courtesy

The Mombasa Press Club, inaugurated by Governor Abdulswamad Nassir alongside stakeholders such as Mr. Hamisi Mwaguya, Chairman of Kenya Maritime Authority, and Mr. Mahmood Noor, Chief Mentor of Swahili Pot, marks the 13th of its kind launched by MCK.

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