MP Mohamed Machele Channels Sh40M for Education Advancement in Mvita
03/18/2024 10:28 in News

By Faith Muteti

Mvita Constituency, Member of Parliament Mohamed Machele has allocated Sh40M for residents to bolster educational opportunities within the constituency.

The disbursement, which took place at Ronald Ngala on Saturday, has been made possible through the National Government Constituency Development Fund. 

The MP underscored his commitment to improving the learning environment for grade nine students. 

Recognizing the plea of teachers grappling with inadequate facilities, Machele unveiled ambitious plans to invest in various infrastructure projects. These include the construction of additional classrooms across several schools in Mvita, with specific allocations outlined as follows:

- Tom Mboya Primary School: 2 additional classrooms

- Central Girls Primary School: 4 additional classrooms

- Sparki Primary School: A laboratory and two classrooms

- Mvita Primary School: 3 additional classrooms

- Serani School for the Deaf: 2 classrooms

- Ziwani School for the Deaf: 2 classrooms

Moreover, Machele announced a noteworthy incentive for Alfasry Secondary School, which saw the admission of 50 students to university. In recognition of this achievement, the school will receive a 51-seat bus.

Mvita MP Mohammed Machele addresses Ronald Ngala Memorial Primary School grounds residents on Saturday. Photo: Faith Muteti

In response to recent student indiscipline issues, Ronald Mwiwawi, the County Deputy Commissioner of Mombasa, urged parents to maintain vigilance over their children's behavior. He stressed the pivotal role of instilling discipline within and outside school premises to cultivate academic excellence among students across Mombasa County.

In addition to these initiatives, MP Mohamed Machele unveiled plans to repurpose the former Mama Ngina Secondary School into a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution. 

"I am grateful to President William Ruto for his visit to the coast. I accompanied him to the State House with my colleagues during his visit. At my request, I asked for the TVET project, he called the PS  Now, and now  we were given the  Mama Ngina building, and we are currently in the process of converting it into a TVET institution." said Mohammed Machele

Parents were encouraged to support their children's academic pursuits, fostering a conducive environment for educational success within Mvita and beyond.

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