Fresh Life Organization launches sanitation initiative in Mombasa
02/01/2024 09:47 in News

By Faith Muteti

Fresh Life Organization in collaboration with Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Company (MOWASSCO) launched a sanitation project – Fresh Life toilet – at Marycliff Primary School in Tudor, Mombasa, on Tuesday, 30th January.

The launch was graced by Mombasa County CECM – Public Service Administration Youth Gender Sports and Social Services, Kenneth Ambani, his Water and Natural Resources counterpart Emily Ochieng, MOWASSCO Managing Director (MD), Ibrahim Fara, Fresh Life Organization MD, Mr. Anthony Mulinge, and members of Fresh Life Organization.

Minister of water natural resources and climate change md Emily Achieng Okello Photo: Faith Muteti

Mr. Anthony Mulinge stated that Fresh Life has established one of the world's largest pro-poor, safely managed, non-sewered sanitation networks.

Cities in Kenya, such as Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, and Lusaka in Zambia, have all benefited from this initiative.

Mulinge added that over 290,000 residents in low-income areas now have access to safe sanitation through a network of over 7,500 active container-based toilets in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Kisumu. These containers are regularly emptied based on usage.

Public Service CECM Kenneth Ambani expressed gratitude to Fresh Life Organization for generating employment opportunities for Mombasa's youth, who will be involved in installing and maintaining the toilets.

Water CECM Emily Achieng noted that Fresh Life Organization contributes to water conservation in Mombasa since their toilets operate without water, thus promoting water-saving practices.

Achieng pointed out that Fresh Life will exploit the sanitation value chain by converting faecal waste into fertilizers, adding that the organisation’s approach will aid in reducing ocean pollution in the Tudor area, contributing to environmental protection.

MOWASSCO Managing Director Ibrahim Fara mentioned that Fresh Life's initiative will significantly enhance environmental cleanliness, thereby reducing illnesses caused by pollution.

Managing director of Mombasa water supply and sanitation company Ibrahim Fara Photo: Faith Muteti

Fresh Life Organization began in 2011 and is committed to providing safe sanitation solutions. Their approach revolves around a circular economy, constructing cost-effective, eco-friendly, non-sewered sanitation products and services for urban areas.

Their primary offerings include the Fresh Life Toilet, a dry, container-based toilet equipped with handwashing stations, and Mtaa Fresh, which ensures the safe treatment of faecal waste that would otherwise be improperly disposed of in the community or the environment.

Fresh Life Toilet, a dry, container-based toilet equipped with handwashing stations Photo: Faith Muteti

The organization is dedicated to advancing sustainable cities, communities, and settlements, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

The cost-effective installation, priced at 850 per month, reflects their commitment to addressing sanitation needs, exemplified by the donation of two toilets at Marycliff Primary School to establish crucial sanitation infrastructure within the county.

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