Muslim School Hosts Path Youth Organization on International Education Day
01/25/2024 11:51 in News

By Faith Muteti

The Path Youth Organization yesterday celebrated International Education Day with students and faculty at the Likoni Muslim Primary School in Mombasa County.

The event was graced by representatives from the office of the Member of Parliament for Likoni, Hon. Mishi Mboko among other Likoni community members.

Fatma Hussein, the co-founder of the Path Youth Organization, elaborated on the organization's initiatives and their positive impact on learners. Among them include programs such as literacy and skills development through holiday classes, aiming to combat idleness during extended breaks. The organization also runs a mentorship program, visiting different schools to guide learners and assist them in making informed career choices.

Fatma Hussein, the co-founder of the Path Youth Organization. Photo/ Faith Muteti

Mohamed Nyambwe, Likoni CDF Manager, encourages teachers to strategize on improving their student's grades. He specifically addressed grade 7 and 8 students at the event, urging them to focus on their studies despite any challenges. Nyambwe emphasized the importance of making parents and guardians proud, acknowledging their investment in their children's education.

Mohamed Nyambwe, Likoni CDF Manager speaking to students at Likoni Muslim Primary School. Photo/ Faith Muteti

The issue of student failure was a key focus during the event, with a mentor named Bote highlighting absenteeism and sleeping during classes as primary factors contributing to poor performance. Bote explained that when students miss school, they fall behind, leading to difficulties in understanding subsequent topics.

Mwinyi Ali Bakari, the Personal Assistant to the MP, stressed the significance of changing one's environment and striving for excellence, even when surrounded by uneducated individuals. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards subjects and teachers, choosing friends wisely, and upholding discipline.

The event provided a platform to showcase the commendable efforts of the Path Youth Organization in enhancing learning skills and motivating students to aspire for a better future.

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