Law Society of Kenya Leads Peaceful Protests Against Executive and Legislative Remarks
01/12/2024 13:19 in News

By Allan Kai

In a significant demonstration of commitment to the rule of law and constitutional independence, members of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) took to the streets today in peaceful protests. The protests were organized in response to recent remarks made by both the executive and legislative arms of the government, which have been perceived as threats to the judiciary's ability to uphold the rule of law.

Earlier comments by President William Ruto earlier this year, seemingly undermining the judiciary's independence, have heightened concerns among legal professionals and citizens alike. Addressing journalists before the commencement of today's peaceful protests, LSK President Erick Theuri reaffirmed the society's unwavering dedication to protecting the constitution and ensuring the rule of law prevails. He emphatically stated that neither the executive nor the legislature stands above the Constitution, as they are entities created by it and must operate within its bounds.

Theuri's remarks come amid reports that certain parliamentarians are engaging in public participation initiatives concerning a court order that halted the implementation of the Social Health Insurance Act, of 2023. The judiciary had suspended the act pending a ruling by the Court of Appeal, a decision that has stirred controversy and public debate.

The protests saw the participation of prominent figures, including Kalonzo Musyoka, a renowned lawyer by profession and a key figure in the Azimio la Umoja coalition. Musyoka echoed the sentiments of the LSK, emphasizing that the judiciary must remain independent and not succumb to intimidation aimed at influencing outcomes that favor the executive. He called upon Chief Justice Martha Koome and the entire judiciary to uphold the law impartially, without yielding to external pressures.

Other notable attendees included Kivutha Kibwana, further underscoring the broad-based support for the judiciary's autonomy and the crucial role it plays in maintaining a democratic and just society. As tensions continue to mount, the collective stance of legal professionals and public figures signals a resolute commitment to safeguarding Kenya's constitutional principles and institutions.

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