Coast clergy urge government to work with church for good governance
10/13/2022 21:22 in Lifestyle

By Shirley Wandera

Coastal clergy leaders on Tuesday, October 11 conveyed a meeting to discuss ways of bringing together the nation regardless of political differences and affiliations.

The occasion was graced by several notable church leaders from the Coastal region, among them Bishops Dennis Mangi, Elias Karisa, and Bishop Emmanuel Kashero.

They met at Glorious River Church, Mtopanga, Mombasa where they saw it fit to discuss the issue as the new government is now in administration.

Speaking during the event, Bishop Mangi applauded Kenyans for a peaceful election period. He urged the President to put God first during his presidency, encouraging the government to collaborate with the church for good governance and leadership.

Bishop Karisa expressed his gratitude to President William Ruto for reverting Port operations to Mombasa, a commitment he made during his campaigns. This move has seen many residents garner job opportunities, helping them deal with the high cost of living.

The clergy urged the opposition to work with the government to ensure peace prevails and the country moves forward.

“All leaders from the opposition party should work with the new government and accept that our nation is big. Problems occur on us all, embrace peace so that our country can move forward’’, Bishop Mangi said.


The clergy called on the President to involve the Church in his administration as it plays a key role in governance. 

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