"Form Ni Ku-Reform" - Blue Radio & SFCG Celebrate Madaraka Day at Borstal Juvenile Institute, Shimo la Tewa
06/02/2024 16:39 in Lifestyle

By Allan Kai

Madaraka Day celebration was an exciting and memorable occasion for the young boys at the Shimo la Tewa Borstal Institute.

Blue Radio, along with partners Search For Common Ground and Close The Gap Kenya, held a star-studded concert featuring celebrated Mombasa artist Ohms Law Montana, among others. The event was aptly named "Form ni Ku-Reform".

Blue Radio host Anne Musaya engages with the Borstal Institution's Administrators during her Saturday morning show "We Talk" Photo: Robert Mbui

Regular programming for the online radio station was broadcast live from the scene, with host Anne Musaya interacting with the institution's administration on her morning talk show "We Talk".

The Blue Radio team later showcased their skills on the football field with an impressive come-from-behind 6-5 victory over the Borstal youngsters.

Anne Musaya and Philip from CTG take a photo with Borstal Institution staff. Photo: Robert Mbui

The boys enjoyed lunch provided by SFCG, accompanied by smiles and laughter. Later, the stage was set ablaze during the popular DJs Arena Show hosted by MC Woudanita.

Superintendent in charge, Borstal Institution, SSP Jostina Mwang'ombe lauded the efforts and initiative from Blue Radio, calling it a significant part of the boys' mental health healing process as they work towards reforming.

"Events like these are highly welcomed to let the boys feel like they have people who care about their well-being. It is also part of their mental health process, helping them understand that their brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers care and want the best for them," said Madam Mwang'ombe.

Young Journalists from the Youth Talk Initiative by SFCG. Photo: Ali Mzee

Ms. Judy Kimamo, SFCG Country Director, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to partner with Blue Radio for the event. She echoed Ms. Mwang'ombe's sentiments about the mental health aspect and appreciated how the experience would influence the young journalists in their ongoing "Youth Talk" initiative.

"The event was quite exciting, and I appreciate the institution for allowing us to be part of it. Engagements like these give the boys hope and motivate them on their journey to reforming," said Ms. Kimamo.

"It was a great experience for our young journalists to understand the juvenile correctional system and what happens when children are in conflict with the law," she added.

Blue Radio, SFCG and Borstal Institution team group photo during the event. Photo: Ali Mzee

Speaking with Blue Radio, artist Ohms Law Montana expressed his happiness, explaining the importance of showing love to the boys and letting them know that people care.

"This is a great initiative, and I am glad to have been a part of it. Especially considering the issue of insecurity perpetuated by young boys in the community. Showing up for them and encouraging them to consider other avenues is important and gives them hope," said Montana.

Mr. Were speaking to the boys at Borstal Institution. Photo: Ali Mzee

Gilbert Were, CEO of Blue Radio, praised the team for a job well done and appreciated the cooperation and coordination with the Borstal Institution and Search For Common Ground, which contributed to the event's success.

"We are working on introducing the 'Form ni Ku-Reform' program that targets youth involved in drug abuse, risky sexual activities, crime, and delinquency by encouraging them to engage in creative arts, dance, sports, and other positive activities. This event is a great starting point, and the partnerships created here will enable us to build a community free from children in conflict with the law," added Mr. Were.

The event further enabled the creation of other avenues of collaboration among all partners to ensure positive development in the lives of youth in Mombasa and Kenya.

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