Eco-Redemptors Plastic Conservation Center Launches in Mombasa to Encourage Plastic Conservation and Empower Youth
01/22/2024 12:24 in Climate

By Simon Cephas

Mombasa, 20/01/2024 - In a bid to combat environmental pollution and create employment opportunities for the youth, the Eco-Redemptors Plastic Conservation Center was officially launched in Mombasa. The center aims to educate residents about the importance of plastic conservation and how it can positively impact both the environment and the community.

Manager Riziki Nasor Athman, speaking at the launch, emphasized the urgent need for plastic conservation in Mombasa County. She noted that despite the saturation of plastic waste, many residents are unaware of the potential job opportunities that can arise from proper plastic management. The initiative seeks not only to reduce environmental pollution but also to engage the youth in productive activities, steering them away from criminal pursuits.

"We want to change the narrative surrounding plastic in Mombasa. It's not just waste; it's a valuable resource that can be harnessed to create jobs and keep our communities safe," said Riziki.

The manager expressed gratitude to the Mombasa County government for supporting the project and collaborating with organizations such as Swahili Pot Hub and Mombasa Plastic Prize. These partnerships aim to amplify the impact of the Eco-Redemptors Plastic Conservation Center in the community.

Rose Kabugu, a community leader, shared her optimism about the project's potential to bring a renewed sense of purpose to the youth. By diverting their attention towards productive activities like plastic collection and recycling, the initiative could contribute significantly to reducing criminal activities among the youth.

Masoud Mangale, a resident of Mishomoroni actively involved in collecting and selling plastic, welcomed the opening of the center. Despite facing mockery for his work in the past, Mangale remains determined to make a positive impact. He highlighted the significance of the center in supporting his efforts and the larger community's commitment to responsible waste management.

The Eco-Redemptors Plastic Conservation Center, situated in Kagujo in Junda ward, Kisauni sub-county, is set to purchase regular plastic bottles at ten shillings per kilogram and larger ones at twenty shillings per kilogram. This pricing structure aims to incentivize residents to actively participate in plastic conservation efforts.

As Mombasa takes a significant step towards sustainable waste management, the Eco-Redemptors Plastic Conservation Center stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring environmental responsibility and community empowerment.

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