Cate Kami, the co-host of the Blue Drive show on Blue Radio, is a captivating and multitalented journalist who brings a unique flair to the world of broadcasting. Her special interest in the vibrant entertainment scene in Kenya sets her apart, making her a go-to source for all things related to the cultural landscape of the region.

What immediately strikes the audience is Cate's soft, yet charming voice, which has the power to draw listeners in and keep them engaged throughout the show. Her ability to seamlessly navigate through various topics and maintain a charismatic presence adds an extra layer of appeal to the Blue Drive program.

Cate Kami's expertise in journalism is not limited to her captivating voice; she possesses a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, providing insightful commentary and interviews that resonate with the audience. Her passion for the arts and culture in Kenya shines through, making her a trusted authority in the field.

Listeners can expect a delightful experience tuning in to Blue Drive, as Cate Kami effortlessly combines her journalistic skills, special interest in entertainment, and charming voice to create a memorable and enjoyable radio show.
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